Radio Drama Workshop

A project by Karl Früh, Antje Kohlrusch, and Lysann Schönherr

Host organizations: Regional Training Center Prešov, German Cultural Forum Debrecen, and Regional Training Center of Banská Bystrica

December 2006, Regional Training Center Prešov and Regional Training Center of Banská Bystrica (Slovakia), German Cultural Forum (workshop) and Sikk-Klub (presentation), Debrecen (Hungary)

How do images form in my head and how can one hear images?

The media artist Andreas Feddersen from Weimar/Berlin led a two-day workshop on the "Theory and Practice of the Radio Drama" at each of the three locations - Banská Bystrica, Prešov, and Debrecen. The goal was for participants to work with a group over the course of two days to produce a radio drama based on short stories they had written. In a theoretical introduction, Andreas Feddersen provided participants with information on the history of radio drama.

On the first day, participants planned their stories and wrote the dialogue. In the practical portion of the workshop, the developed short stories were produced as radio dramas. Learning to listen was one of the workshop's central tasks. When do images start to form inside my head? When is it hard to form an image of what is happening? How do I create the same kind of rich information that images can convey while only using speech and sounds? The speaking roles were distributed among the participants. After receiving technical instruction, the group also assumed the radio drama's direction, production, and editing. The second day included recording and production. Several five- to ten-minute radio dramas were produced, some of which had been written by the participants.

With support from: Robert Bosch Stiftung