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Elisabeth Ritter

Cultural Manager in Olsztyn, Poland, 2004-2006

As Project Manager in the Copernicus House in Olsztyn Elisabeth Ritter developed, arranged and conducted international events, projects for policy education and festivals. At the Cultural Association Borussia she coordinated the program "Mendelsohn Haus" and contributed in part to the advancement of its draft as a national events and commemorative location.


Studied cultural studies with focus on cultural sociology and cultural history at the Europa-University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder and in Wroclaw. From 2000 to 2003 she was responsible for the framing and institution of cultural festivals near th river Oder ("literaria", "pogranicze – border is more"). In 2004 she was coordinator of the "European Spring" in the Warsaw Office of the German-Polish Youth Works.

From 2006 to 2012 she was business manager at the Center for Historical Research Berlin of the Polish Academy of Science. She worked in the field of the framing and coordination of projects and events as well as dissemination of topics to a wider audience. The focus were new pathways toward historical and current questions of German-Polish relations in a European context.