Reflecting Group Dakar (It's The Red Hour)

An initiative within the framework of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network

A project by Sonja Lau in collaboration with Amado Alfadni, Julia Danila, Virág Major, Christine Rahn and Cornelius Stiefenhofer

May 26-30, 2018, Dakar, Senegal

On the occasion of DAK'ART, 13th Biennial of Contemporary African Art

The Reflecting Group Dakar derives from the urge to conceive of the global conditions of artistic and cultural production today. In line with previous editions of the Reflecting Group, it applies modes of self-education, debate and exchange, all enticed by a special interest in “(un)learning” - that is to breach the hegemonic structures of knowledge. The journey to Dakar is framed by visiting the 13th edition of the Dak'art Biennial. 

From its very outset, the DAK’ART Biennial has put a special emphasis on territorial, pan-african and international networks and exchange. It is also a central discursive platform in regard to the echoes of post-colonialism, the prospect of a decolonized future and the risk of new modes of occupation and oblivion.  At the same time, also in Europe, debates on the African Diaspora and the post-colonial condition have reached a new critical peak, ever since the “Humboldt-Forum” came into being in the heart of Berlin. It’s “The Red hour. The hour of reason”, claims the title of this year’s biennial. With our trip to Dakar, we want to grow our critical tools and sensitivity towards this call.

The meeting is addressed at anybody from the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network interested in (curating/managing) visual and performative arts. It also calls for participants from the fields of social sciences, politics, journalism, urbanism, architecture, heritage, cultural diplomacy and education. The common grounds of this heterogenous group is a shared interest in learning more about the African condition in the context of cultural production, the post-colonial weight of such work, and the responsibilities and alternate modes of practice this shows.