Vektor Provinz

An initiative of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network

A project by Barbara Anna Bernsmeier and Felix Oldewage in cooperation with Cornelia Reichel, Kathrin Oerters, Pavel Andreev, Anna Gamulina, Sergey Taraskin and Anton Valkovsky

24th to 26th of June 2016, Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation

The project “Vektor Provinz” was created by a group of former Robert Bosch Cultural Managers in the Russian Federation and their partners and host institutions in the programme. The project has its start in the northern Russian town of Arkhangelsk and focuses on significant cultural developments in Russian and German regional areas.

The topic of the starting forum of “Vektor Provinz” in June 2016 are the migration trends visible in many Russian regions as well as in provincial areas in Western Europe: Mostly young, well educated people move to metropolitan centers with a wide range of cultural and social events in order to study, work and live. In the Arkhangelsk region in Northwestern Russia for example, many people move predominantly to Moscow or Saint Petersburg - in Germany usually to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich. We would like to start an open discussion about the possible reasons and the cultural effects of the migration. A main goal is to find similarities and develop methods and common projects to improve the perspectives for young, creative people in the cultural sphere of their home regions.

In Arkhangelsk, the forum takes place in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Arkhangelsk Region and the Dobroljubov Regional Library. A visit to the famous Panova Street Theatre Festival, a major cultural event happening yearly during the White Nights on various open air venues, is also planned for participants of the forum.