Reflecting Group Istanbul

An initiative of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network.

A project by Öngün Eryılmaz and Christine Rahn in cooperation with Bettina Lehmann, Virág Major, Anastasia Marukhina, Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás and Silke Wittig.

21st to 26th of October 2015, Istanbul, Turkey.

This year, on occasion of the 14th Istanbul Biennial, our Reflecting Group opens a space to meet the young and emerging art scene in Turkey and to get to know artists, cultural professionals and curators linked with the developments in Turkey and around Istanbul in special.

Overall, our Reflecting Group format focusses on discussing current approaches, practices and tendencies in the international contemporary arts, learning from other and local perspectives on site and reflecting our own strategies and visions in curating and managing projects.

As a special platform, we point to a sustainable and continuous (self-) education fostering intercultural exchange of knowledge and experiences and building up our networks outreach while involving actors of the local art scene.

Our network meeting in Istanbul aims at advancing the previous discussions and insights of the Reflecting Group – hold during the last get-together in St. Petersburg during the Manifesta 10 and the context in Russia – while opening up the exchange with Turkey and the MENA region going beyond Europe.

Our meeting includes a visit of the Biennial show, meetings and talks with curators, artists and cultural professionals as well as a guided „Art Walk“ through Istanbul and its off spaces.

In workshop sessions, we address to nowadays challenges and chances in curating and managing processes in dynamic societies where we take up attempts to deal with censorship and how to engage for rights and the freedom of artistic work.

Our project group is enriched with further members of the network that are invited through an open call to join our journey. In order to share our experiences, all participants are asked to contribute with reports, interviews, essays etc. that deepen the reflection of our encounters and discussions and will be published within our network, enter our new blog and spread around the media and networks of our professional environment.

Sponsors and Partners: Art Walk Istanbul, NEOLA art projects

pictures: Agnieszka Skolimowska, N.N. and Christine Rahn