Art Matters – contemporary arts practices in post-migrant societies

An initiative within the framework of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network.
A project by Virág Major, Hannah Marquardt and Christine Rahn.

1st September 2015 to 31st March 2018, Berlin, Germany

For several years now, contemporary art productions, projects, initiatives and programmes tackling the current migration movements have experienced increased attention. Numerous actors in the field of art are addressing migration-related issues and its protagonists. Additionally, various funding structures have evolved that aim to include refugees in the artistic production process, from grants for artists to large and small-scale project funding, often specifically targeting young people in projects of so-called cultural education. While the scope of activities is full of possibilities corresponding to apparent needs with hands-on practice in self-organised, community-based and activist ways, various sociopolitical framework conditions need to be challenged continuously. But what is for sure: Art matters and is a key driver for social change enhancing societies in all their diversity, wherein migration is an integral part.

During a practice-based workshop series, we wish to reflect on current approaches and various forms of engagement looking deeper into all participants' practices, methods and visions keeping the political and theoretical implementations of concepts such as diversity and inclusion in all their ambivalence in mind. Our programme is designed to serve as a common forum for bottom-up learning processes and the sharing of knowledge and experience. In order to open up new transnational vistas on a professional level, we collaborate with notable experts including artists, curators, facilitators and policy-makers based in Berlin, Germany, Europe and the MENA region who moderate the workshops.

picture: Lisa Maier