Open Spaces – Culture, Economy, Administration

A initiative within the framework of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network.

A project by Yvonne Meyer, Ludwig Henne, Julia Owtscharenko and Ewa Romanowska.

13th to 15th March 2015, Berlin, Germany

Objectives and Topics of the Workshop

OPEN SPACES brings together cultural workers and NGOs from Germany and Central and Eastern Europe to exchange experience in the transformation of underused spaces and venues to cultural institutions. In a first workshop in the autumn of 2013 in Leipzig, 20 participants discussed several models and best practice examples in establishing cultural facilities in Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Macedonia. One urgent outcome of the conversations was the insight that cooperation of cultural workers with actors of the public as well as the private sector are of high relevance but also a source of problems and misunderstanding.

Based on this knowledge, the second workshop OPEN SPACES will focus on the possibilities of and hindrances in the cooperation of NGOs in the cultural sector with the local and regional administration as well as with private business actors. Thence, invited experts of trans-sectorial collaboration will share their experience with the workshop participants. Additionally, administration workers and entrepreneurs of the private business sector will talk about their practical knowledge in cooperating with cultural institutions. The focus of the workshop will be on creating a mutual understanding of the aims and constraints of the opposite side as well as on developing manners of communication and teamwork that enable and simplify trans-sectorial collaboration.