Winter meeting 2015

A initiative within the framework of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network.

10th to 11th of January 2015, Berlin, Germany

The January meeting in Berlin has established itself as an important forum for exchange among network members and as a meeting point. It serves to kick off the new year, think and discuss projects and future collaborations.

This year we used the meeting to prepare the big network meeting in Budapest in June 2015. The main topic was the future of the network and we opened the discussion about its organizational structure.

Saturday January 10 was dedicated to the presentation of current network projects and discussion of internal developments. In the evening we went to see “Common Ground” at the Maxim Gorki Theater, a play about the at times difficult relations among children of the former Yugoslavia.
Sunday January 11 started with a brunch and informal networking and ended with a visit to the NBK Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, where RBCM Silke Wittig currently heads the PR department.

The winter meeting 2015 was organized by Jana Falkenroth and Bernd Janning.

pictures: Jana Falkenroth and Shota Bukoshi