Crossing Schengen

A project by Ludwig Henne with participation from Corina Bernic, Nita Hasani, Radmila Krstajić, Nikola Marković, Christine Rahn, Lívia Rózsás, Wiebke Stadler, Alexej Strelnikov, Hajnal Szolga, Andra Vaida, Rita Valiukonytė, and Zdenka Kujova

An initiative in the context of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network

May 2012, NGO Košice Capital of Culture 2013 (Slovakia)

The workshop’s goal was to establish a network of cultural actors from the EU and Eastern neighbors Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. The meeting included discussion of orientation of content, possible objectives, ways of working, and problems of formation of such a network. The focus was on the question of what particular demands are placed on cultural managers in cultural cooperation across the Schengen borders.

Another reason for the meeting was the Trans Europe Hall meeting, which was held in Košice and organized by the Tabačka culture factory. The TEH meeting had set the issue of "crossing borders" as an organizing theme. The network meeting also addressed all members and participants of the TEH network.