The Ideal State/Utopia City

A project by Virág Major

Host organization: dOCUMENTA(13), Kassel

May 2012, dOCUMENTA(13), Kassel (Germany)

"The Ideal State/Utopian City" was an experimental, non-formal education project that took cues from the current political situation in Hungary and the context of dOCUMENTA(13). documenta and the country of Hungary served as the projects’ two counterpoints: documenta is the most important international exhibition of contemporary art, that, in addition to its demand for redefinitions of art, has a strong social resonance. In Hungary, a country that is currently shaped by political problems and dysfunction as well as social paralysis, documenta exhibitions are still not well known.

The theme of the project was: How can one use ideal, theoretical places and art to respond to a critical condition? Can a mental space give strength and creativity to initiate social action?

Through the formation of a reading group of people from various interdisciplinary contexts, public events in Hungary, and a trip to d(13), the project brought 50 Hungarian art students and professionals together in discussion and an educational process. Participants investigated and learned about the exhibition's most important ideas with a focus on a utopian vision - of society, politics, and education.

The students engaged in various materials by d(13) artists, theoreticians, and scientists and had the opportunity to participate in discussions and conversations with the participants of d(13). They were invited to formulate ideas about the exhibition, but also to think critically about their own situations and possible approaches. The goal of this process was to create project concepts to further develop "The Ideal State/Utopian City."

With support from: Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE), Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), International Business School, Department of Art Management, Robert Bosch Stiftung