Quiet Life

A project by Tamar Gurchiani

Host organization: Filmhaus Nürnberg

September 2006, Nuremberg (Germany)

This exhibition was designed to provide Western Europe with an image of Georgia from the perspective of Georgian artists. Western opinions are all too often shaped by images of wars and conflicts in the Caucasus. And these pictures are, for the most part, taken by people from other places - European journalists, documentary filmmakers, or photographers.

The photography exhibition "Quiet Life" showed about 50 photographs by five young (but since established) Georgian photographers: Natela Grigalaschwili, Levan Kherkheulidse, David Meskhi, Beso Uznadze, and Archil Kikodze.

As chroniclers, they documented the stories and faces of Georgia. Without romanticizing them, they showed ordinary people's lives, in moments that alternated between being carefree, melancholic, happy, and contemplative.

School classes, youth groups, and educators were invited to the exhibition and guided tours. The exhibition took place within the framework of the Georgian cultural days alongside the Georgia film retrospective and concerts of sacred and secular songs in Nuremberg.

Partner: Künstlerhaus im K4
Photos: Natela Grigalaschwili