RegioKiez - Culture for Second Cities

A project by Zdeňka Kujová

Host organization: Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig

April-September 2012, Baumwollspinnerei, LURU Kino and Kino Prager Frühling, Leipzig (Germany)

The main goals of this project were the promotion of a new long-term cultural and artistic collaboration between the Czech Republic and Germany, between Saxon and Czech regions, and the partner cities of Brno and Leipzig. The project "RegioKiez - Culture for Other Cities" consisted of four performances and two workshops. Two performances took place during the two big art tours in April and September 2012 at the Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig. Twenty-four artists working in theater and film were invited to the workshop with the aim of initiating up to ten new projects for the future. As part of this workshop, there was also a theatrical performance as well as film screenings.

Pavel Korbička and Lucie Vítková presented their performance "Medialog - The Acoustic Image," in April, in which the light designer and the accordion player collaborated though they were nearly a thousand kilometers apart. They performed their acoustic-visual dialogue with the help of Skype communication software. The audience in Leipzig experienced a live concert without performers being present.

In the summer, the Divadlo festival presented "Havel schreibt Husákl." The historical letter that Václav Havel wrote in 1975, with the "power of the powerless," to then President Gustáv Husák, was the basis for this piece. The two actors dealt with questions that have lost none of their relevance or significance: What will be the scope of rulers' responsibility in the future? What long-term effects does the destruction of art, thought, or the soul have? And all of a sudden this historical document became a text that could have been written today.

Further events took place in the autumn during the Czech film festival in Leipzig.

With support from: Czech Center Berlin, Kino Prager Frühling Leipzig, LURU Kino Leipzig, MitOst e.V. Berlin, City Administration of Brno, Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds, Robert Bosch Stiftung