Museum of Broken Relationships

A project by Marija Ančić and Zvonimir Dobrović

Host organizations: Stiftung Federkiel, Leipzig, KulturKontakt Austria, Vienna, and Kampnagel, Hamburg

October 2007, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin (Germany)

The "Museum of Broken Relationships" was an innovative and interactive exhibition concept created by Croatian artists Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić. With successful trials of the project in Zagreb (HR), Ljubljana (SI), Maribor (SI), and Sarajevo (BiH), the project first came to Berlin in the fall of 2007.

Through a variety of media, Berliners were invited to bring personal objects such as photos, letters, text messages, emails, songs, cups, rings, and gifts that reminded them of broken relationships in their lives and leave them with the exhibition curators. In this way, they participated in the project as (inter)active "donors." They freed themselves of "problematic" objects that represented their past and opened themselves up to a new way of looking at these objects. The donors became artists and their objects became works of art.

The project created a platform for people in Germany and the former Yugoslavia to exchange experiences and stories: In the framework of the exhibition in Berlin, a selection of objects collected during previous exhibitions in Croatia, Bosnia, and Slovenia was also on display. The compilation of these objects in a "Museum of Broken Relationships" in Berlin created new contexts for meaning and offered a contribution to international understanding between East and West.

The exhibition is still touring the world today.

With support from: Croatian Ministry of Culture, Balkan Black Box, MitOst e.V.