Moskauer Kinetic Dance Theater in Potsdam

A project by Soja Lukjanova

Host organization: Berlin-Brandenburgische Auslandsgesellschaft e.V., Potsdam

May 2005, in the context of "Potsdamer Tanztage," an international festival for contemporary dance, Potsdam (Germany)

In the mid '90s, the international festival for contemporary dance "Potsdamer Tanztage" fostered good connections with the Russian dance scene. Now, ten years later, these contacts unfortunately no longer exist, despite the fact that Russian dance theater has made interesting developments particularly in the field of contemporary dance.

Therefore, the goal of this project was to establish new contacts with the Russian dance scene and, at the same time, to present current work in Germany.

Under the choreographic direction of Sasha Pepeyaev, the young Moscow dance group "Kinetic Dance Theater" helped reinvigorate professional contacts for the festival and the gave the general public the chance to become acquainted with modern Russian art. A foundation for further cooperation was laid.

With support from: City of Potsdam, Federal State of Brandenburg, Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse