HipHop Connection

A project by Mia Brunej

Host organization: Federal Association of Youth and Film, Frankfurt/Main

May 2005 (studio recording), Frankfurt/Main; September 2005 (concerts) in Germany and Slovenia

As an art form, hip hop plays a prominent role in youth culture in Slovenia as well as in Germany. Until the middle of the year 2000 however, there had been no related cooperation between the two countries. The project "Hip Hop Connection" initiated new contacts and direct collaboration among musicians.

Working together in the studio, German and Slovenian hip hop musicians created music in both Slovenian and German. The music recordings were filmed, creating a video clip for both bands. The music and the video were released on a CD. There were also joint concerts in both countries.

This German-Slovenian music project was presented on radio stations like You FM Frankfurt and Radio Student Ljubljana, as well as through the project "Culture Kiosk: Art, Culture, and Contraband." The primary intent of the project was to use music to encourage young people to engage in cultural exchange with Central and Eastern Europe.

With support from: Gregor Plohl and Beatzschmiede, Luksuz produkcija, Krsko, Taunusrocken, Filmhaus Frankfurt, Office for Multicultural Affairs Frankfurt/Main, Stadtbildstelle, and Gallus Zentrum Frankfurt/Main