The Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network

Who we are
The Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network was founded at the initiative of the programs’ alumni at the meeting in Kosice 11-14 April 2013. We are a network of professional cultural managers, that consists of alumni of the following programs: Robert Bosch Cultural Managers, Actors of Urban Change, Tandem Shaml and Tandem Europe.
Our Mission
As a collaborative professional cultural managers’ network for cultural exchange, that values the diversity of its members, our mission is to engage in art and culture for social change and advocacy in cultural policy as well as fostering peer-to-peer capacity building and knowledge transfer among our members.
The Network is coordinated by MitOst e.V.
A. Funding competition: Network activities (Projects, Reflecting Groups and other Working Sessions)
Deadline: March 3rd, 2018

B. Support for Publications by Network Members (NEW!)
Deadline: ongoing, at least 4-6 weeks in advance

C. Funding of mobility
Deadline: ongoing, at least 4-6 weeks prior to the planned mobility

Our Network’s main challenge and opportunity at the same time for the next two years is to develop strategically and sustainably, in order to establish itself as a relevant platform of multipliers who actively and innovatively use art and culture to foster positive social change in Europe and its neighboring regions.
With this goal in mind, we are calling for innovative project proposals and ideas of international collaboration that put into action the Network’s mission in the areas of art and culture for social change, advocacy in cultural policy, peer-to-peer learning and capacity building, as well as knowledge transfer.

Funding competition: Network activities
The goal of the competition supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung is the strengthening of the network as an innovative platform and multiplier in the areas of advocacy, policy and knowledge transfer to foster social change through art and culture. Cooperation between network members is encouraged through joint projects, the exchange of experience and mobility within the network, as well as the network’s visibility.
The competition for funding consists of two program lines:

1. Network Projects
The projects’ goal is to increase the profile of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network and to position it as an expert in international cultural exchange and to enliven our mission. The choices of genre of art, event format, and venue are flexible. If the specifics of a given project allow, locations associated with cultural managers or host organizations (current and former) should be considered as possible event locations. Projects should allow for the active participation of the largest possible number of network members from the Robert Bosch Foundation’s different cultural manager programs, while remaining open to other interested parties. A project management team consisting of at least three members of the network (representing at least two different programs) is responsible for the application submission process. Preference is given to projects involving participants from at least two different cultural manager programs.

2. Reflecting Groups and Working Sessions within the network
Funds are available for working sessions and Reflecting Groups that contribute to professional exchange and/or to continuing education. A Reflecting Group is a professional study trip for research, reflection and exchange on a specific topic or question pertinent to the network, actively and profitably involved in (international) debates. The focus can be either thematic (field of art and culture) or regional. The Reflecting Group is a format born out of the network. Working sessions and Reflecting Groups related to exchange and continuing education should be communicated ahead of time within the network in order to ensure the participation of interested network members from all cultural manager programs. Working sessions or workshops related to continuing education must consist of at least 8 participants. Exceptions in individual cases will be decided by a vote of the jury. The involvement of members from various cultural manager programs should be sought.

Support for Publications by Network Members (NEW!)
Advocacy in arts and culture is an important aspect of the mission of our network that needs more attention and further development in the next two years. Believing that you as members have valuable expertise that is worth sharing with a larger public, we are launching a new measure to encourage and support members of the network to contribute to discourses in arts and culture by publishing articles, position papers and other sorts of contributions in relevant culture-related magazines or forums (online and/or offline). We do not support simple event, festival or exhibition reviews, rather publications that critically analyze cultural and social context of such events as well and give valuable contributions to relevant current discussions and discourses in the cultural field.

Please check the guidelines and application process in the full text of the Call.

We recommend that all applicants inform network members of their planned projects in order to find partners for the projects’ implementation. MitOst and network representatives will be happy to advise you during the application process! Please find detailed information in the call for applications on this page.

Applications for projects must be turned in by 11/03/2018 to Sarah Herke, MitOst e.V. (herke(at) and cc to netzwerk(at) with the enclosed application form, in German or English.