A project by Shota Bukoshi, Ksenija Cockova, Agnieszka Ćwieląg, Iryna Herasimovich, Veronika Lájer, Silvia Szarková, and Hajnal Szolga

Host organizations: KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg, E-Werk Freiburg, Thalia Theater Halle, Dresdner Literaturbüro, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Literaturbüro Freiburg, and Hartware Medienkunstverein Dortmund

July 2009, Thalia Theater youth hostel and café, Werkleitz, Klub Drushba, Halle (Germany)

TransForma made a guest appearance at the youth hostel, recently established in 2009 and located next to the Thalia Theater in Halle: Throughout the project it served as international and interactive exchange platform - for meetings with artists from Belarus, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, as well as students of the seminar on spatial relationships by Professor Francis Zeischegg Hochschule für Kunst und Design Burg Giebichenstein, Halle.

TransForma is concerned with the topic of space. The term "space" came up in the project both in its literal and figurative meanings: The physical space of a house was filled with the artists' associations and reflections on this topic. The artists investigated the relationships between the public and the private spaces, social and the cultural spaces, urban space and open spaces as well as the mutual influences people and spaces have on one another.

In the context of TransForma, an international art exhibition and a theater performance were developed. The program also included artist discussions, lectures, readings, sound installations, and films.

With support from: Theater, Oper und Orchester GmbH Halle, resounds, Werkleitz - Center for Media Art, Hochschule für Kunst und Design Burg Giebichenstein, Format 78 - Kreatives Netzwerk, Student Administration Halle, Slowak Institute Berlin, Robert Bosch Stiftung