Omnibus - Animated Films from Eastern Europe

A project by Małgorzata Ćwikła, Yana Varbanova, Ksenia Volkova, and Jelena Vukmanović

Host organizations: Kampnagel Hamburg, Cultural Affairs Department and Plattform 3 München, Kommunales Kino Pforzheim, KunstvereinGRAZ

September 2009, Pforzheim, Regensburg, Munich, and Hamburg (Germany)

The Omnibus animation festival presented an extensive program in four German cities. After the screenings of animations, films by the well known Polish filmmaker Janek Koza were shown, followed by a performance including both indie rock and old Eastern European songs by the group "Limebridge" from Siberia.

Under the four categories immigration, communication, financial crisis, and feminism, a total of 20 animated films were shown from Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. The audience decided which film was the best from each category. The winners were: Anton Octavian, Romania, "My friend is a cloud" (immigration), Maryna Shchipak, Ukraine, "Baba Yaga" (communication), Bolcsó Bálint, Hungary, "Mete-orb" (financial crisis), and Vjekoslav Živković, Croatia, "Women on board" (feminism).

With support from: Robert Bosch Stiftung, European Commission - Youth in Action