International Video Art Festival Pécs

A project by Katja Melzer and Hajnal Szolga

Host organization: Lenau House

November 2011, Régi Bóbita Bábszinház Pécs and FKSE - Studio Galéria Budapest (Hungary)

The four-day festival presented current trends in international video art to audiences in Pécs and thus provided an opportunity for intense debate on this genre of contemporary art.

The organizers were Crosstalk Video Art Festival (Budapest, HU), the Synoptic Visionaudial Art Meeting (SosemArt Kulturális Egyesület, Pécs, HU), and the Lenau House (Pécs, HU). Each of the three organizations had set up a program with its own focal points. They were presented in the former puppet theatre in Pécs. The video art exhibition was accompanied by an extensive festival program with lectures, discussions, concerts, and performances at various locations in Pécs.

The crosstalk video art festival showed a total of 60 international pieces. The focus was on contemporary Hungarian video art, as well as on the subject of "documentary." Under the title "Across," the Synoptic Festival and the Bona Fide cultural association in Košice (SK) organized a program that centered on "eastern Slovak video art." In addition to the exhibition, there were two live performances with artists from Košice and Pécs.

The Lenau House had invited Avi Feldman, a curator from Tel Aviv/Berlin, to present video works by Israeli artists from Germany and Israel. He also gave lectures on curatorial work as part of the festivals in Pécs and Budapest.

The cooperation between partners from Budapest and Pécs, as well as other international guests, piqued broad audiences' interest in contemporary video art. In addition, space was created for a professional, transnational exchange to promote future collaborations.

With support from: Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Synoptic Visionaudial Art Meeting (SosemArt Kulturális Egyesület), Goethe-Institut, Robert Bosch Stiftung, NKA - Nemzeti Kulturális Alap, Open Society Institute, PTE-BTK - Kommunikáció-it Médiatudományi Tanszék, Tabacka, LABOR, VideoSpace Galéria
Photos: Krisztián Pamuki, David Lovás