Spring Literary Salon

A project initiated by Timo Köster and further developed by Stefanie Hübner and Bernd Janning

Spring 2008 to 2011, International Elias Canetti Society Ruse (Bulgaria); the project is ongoing today

Since 2008, the International Elias Canetti Society has been organizing a multi annual spring literature festival that lasts several days and offers a fascinating assortment of high-quality events about the art of text. A changing array of issues is addressed in a wide variety of formats and in various languages.

Events include readings by well known European authors, some with translations created especially for the occasion - workshops on poetry, prose, essays, and screenplays, poetry slams, concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, play readings, and panel discussions. Some examples of the topics addressed were "Encounter and Exchange" and "Border Identities."

Partners: Ruse Cultural Office, BRIE University Ruse, Café Rustschuk, Club der Kulturschaffenden, Deutsche Schule Ruse, Elias Canetti Gymnasium, Galerija Prijateli, HALMA - European Network of Literary Centers, Art Gallery Ruse, Österreichbibliothek "Elias Canetti," the "Journey Across Europe" project, Residenz Verlag (Vienna), Theater "Sava Ognjanov" Ruse

With support from: ArtOffice Sofia, Federal Foreign Office, CEI - Central European Initiative, German Embassy in Sofia, European Union (Cultural Program 2007-2013), Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, Austrian Embassy in Sofia, National Fond Kultura Bulgaria, Robert Bosch Stiftung, City of Ruse, Czech Center Sofia