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Elisabeth Desta

Cultural Manager at the Multimedia Center in Pristina, Kosovo, 2011-2012

At the regional NGO Qendra Multimedia, Elisabeth Desta managed the Goethe-Institut funds that Qendra Multimedia receives as a cultural association. She independently planned and organized an innovative year-long cultural program and introduced new formats in this setting. It was important to her to initiate projects with specific relationships to the past, projects that take place at the interface between socio-political analysis and artistic interpretation. She focused on intensive support of Pristina’s youth as well as networking and long-term collaboration with the region’s cultural institutions.


Elisabeth Desta studied theater, literature and comparative literature, and French studies in Leipzig and Paris. During this time she began to focus on socio-political and historic developments, based on her study of cultures of remembrance and collective memory. Through her work on educational and cultural projects as well as various practica – including one with the Goethe-Institut Addis Abeba, Ethiopia – she gained experience in the field of international cultural work, which she continued with Qendra Multimedia in Kosovo.


In her current projects, Elisabeth Desta continues to pursue her interest in socio-political and historic developments as well as cultures of remembrance and collective memory. She is concerned with past events – both their artistic interpretation and discovering traces of them in the present day. To these ends, she does not limit herself to a single mode of expression, but rather makes use of theater, literature, visual art, and various presentation formats. She lives and works as a freelance cultural manager in Leipzig.