exhibiting photography

A project by Evi Scheller and Daniel Schmidt

Host organizations: The Brno House of Arts and German Cultural Center Akzente Chişinău

February 2011 (workshop), Academy of Arts; April 2011 (exhibition), Museum Zemstvei, Chişinău (Moldova)

The goal of this three-day workshop was to design an exhibition. The initial 350 pictures taken by 19 (mostly amateur) Chişinău photographers ignited a discussion on how photography should be exhibited. Existing traditions for exhibiting photography were questioned and deconstructed; the participants' articulated their own curatorial ideas. In addition to answering classic questions such as "What?" "How?" and "For Whom?" it was particularly important for the group to explore their roles as artists, curators, documentarians, and exhibition makers and to define how they would present their collaboration to the public.

The workshop generated an atmosphere of critical reflection and helped participants structure their ideas. During this process they outlined ideas for the exhibition "Puzzle Up ChisiNOW" and set production and communication tasks.

With support from: Robert Bosch Stiftung, German Embassy Chişinău