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Center for Balkan Cooperation LOJA, Tetovo, Macedonia

The LOJA NGO was founded in the year 2000. Since then its programs have focused on intercultural learning. The goal is to bring various ethnic groups closer together by showing that it is possible to learn from one another – despite, or because of, different cultures. Through activities in the city of Tetovo itself, LOJA also aims to decentralize actual life. At the beginning, the institution used video, photo and art workshops about social matters aimed at children and youth. Over the last few years, LOJA has developed from a pure grass-roots organization into one that has maintained these structures, but which also now attempts to influence and improve government policies and civil society. In this, an important role is allotted to finding and even inventing new means of communication in order to bind members of society together, to encourage them to get involved, and to foster interethnic dialog through cultural projects.
Rr. Ilindenit 18 A
1200 Tetovo
Phone +389 (0) 44 352970
Fax +389 (0) 44 351971

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