SITES + SUBJECTS. Performance Art Weekend

A project by Jakob Racek

Host organization: Art Today Association - Center for Contemporary Art

June 2010 and June 2011, Art Today Association - Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

SITES + SUBJECTS is a new festival format for interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of performance, dance, music, and installation. It was launched by Jakob Racek in collaboration with the Art Today Association. Most of the invited productions were developed on site.

The performances took place at the Center for Contemporary Art and in various public buildings and spaces throughout the city of Plovdiv. The result was experimental arrangements that found all kinds of new ways to blur the boundary between process and work, between producer and audience. Moreover, the festival was accompanied by an extensive program of lectures, presentations, and discussion. SITES + SUBJECTS provided a chance for local actors to network with international multipliers.

Artists and participants (selection): WILHELM GROENER and friends (D), Prodan Markov (BG), Elisabeth Penker & DaDa Da Academy (A), Marina Faust (FR), Aymeric Hainaux (FR), ZABUNA.ORG (SRB), Petit Bufet (D), Ansgar Wilken (D), Nima Gousheh (UK), Sebastian Lexer (UK), Ruen Ruenov (BG)

Photos: Marina Faust, Gallerande, Aymeric Hainaux