Open Air Disco OnEAR

A project by Jennifer Schevardo in Ústí nad Labem and by Timon Perabo in Pristina

Host organizations: Collegium Bohemicum and Qendra Multimedia

May 2007, Lidické náměstí, Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic)
June 2008, the National Library, Pristina (Kosovo)

People standing in a circle in the middle of the street, talking, sitting on stoops and benches, or showing their dance moves - and everyone is wearing headphones. There was a disco party taking place right in the city center of Ústí nad Labem and continuing into the night, without bothering anyone. The artist Oliver Hangl, who developed the concept of "guerilla disco," came to the Czech Republic the first time sporting his wireless headphones. The nationally renowned DJs babe LN and Swagr performed, the music lovers could switch back and forth between them on the two channels of their headphones. Residents and passers-by were more than a little astonished to see crowds of people having such a good time - without making any noise. Anyone who witnessed the crowd dancing without music in front of the National Library in Pristina in June 2008 also found themselves in the middle of a special kind of concert. The popular Macedonian band "Blablabla" made their first appearance in Kosovo for this event. But their music, arranged by the Viennese artist Oliver Hangl, was transmitted to more than 250 wireless headphones. The crowd was huge. Those who managed to get hold of a set of the headphones could get lost in the dance music, a blend of rock, folk, and punk. The library's illuminated dome and the top of the Grand Hotel Pristina could be seen from the dance "floor." The famous DJs Naka and Vigan performed at the end of the concert. The headphones made it possible to switch between the styles of music depending on your mood by using a button on the headphones. There was dancing under the open sky until late into the night - without any upsetting any of the neighbors.

A person who attended the headphone concert said: "Thank you! You made me look at my city in a new way."