Flipbook Stage Program by Volker Gerling - Pictures Learn to Walk By Being Carried Around

A project by Wiebke Stadler and Lucia Zimmermann

Host organizations: NGO Kontrapunkt and Qendra Multimedia

November 2009, Qendra Multimedia, Pristina (Kosovo), and Cultural Center Tocka, Skopje (Macedonia)

Volker Gerling regularly goes "on tour" with a vendor's tray that holds six of his photographic flipbooks. He travels by foot and shows his flipbooks to people on the street and over garden fences, he visits fairs in small towns and in the evening he shows his work to people in bars. Some of these encounters have lead to new flipbooks that Volker Gerling then shows as part of his stage program.

Volker Gerling, a graduate of the Babelsberg Film School, has been specializing in photographic flipbooks for years and has found his very own type of presentation, which he showcases at festivals all over Europe. Gerling holds his flipbooks under a video camera, projecting them on the screen in real-time while telling stories of the people who agreed to be portrayed for his flipbooks.

The magical portraits Gerling creates and the moments he captures are put together through very simple means. They represent an effortless and at the same time profound reflection on fleeting moments and the meaning of human encounters.

"You won't find calmer, simpler, or more wonderful art anywhere." Tagesanzeiger Zürich