Photo: endliche automaten / laptoporchester

Composition Journey "Endliche Automaten - Laptoporchester Berlin"

A project by Christian Gracza, Stefanie Hübner, Silke Krummel, Bettina Lehmann, Sophie Werner and Frauke Wetzel

Host organizations: Lenau House, International Elias Canetti Society, German Cultural Center Timişoara, City Galleries Osijek, German Cultural Center Sibiu, and Collegium Bohemicum

April 2009, Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic), Pécs (Hungary), Osijek (Croatia), Timişoara, Sibiu (Romania), and Ruse (Bulgaria)

In each city a regional composer composed a contemporary piece for the Laptoporchester Berlin. The orchestra performed an audiovisual concert in each place and then rehearsed the new compositions over the next several days. Each new composition premiered at the next stop on the orchestra's composition journey. As the new compositions took places in the Laptoporchester Berlin's repertoire they replaced the orchestra's own works. In this way, a completely new repertoire of genuine, Central and Eastern European sounds was generated throughout the composition journey, and the artists were able to create their musical art on site for foreign audiences. For example, the Laptoporchester Berlin arranged for a Czech artist from the Böhmen region to compose for a Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, and Bulgarian audience. The concerts introduced local audiences to a new listening experience, but also gave those interested the chance to strike up a conversation with the members of the orchestra: Moderated discussions were organized with local technical colleges, universities, and youth groups at the respective hosting organizations.

The Laptoporchester Berlin has been playing, deconstructing, and reconstructing pieces from the genres "new music," "electro-acoustic," and "electronica" - experimental noise or avant-garde music in Berlin and throughout Europe for many years. The six musicians and their laptops, as well as their soloists and video artists, create a visual-sound-symbiosis at the intersection of orchestra performance, theater, performance art, and concerts.

Ensemble: Alexander Augsten (Laptop), Marek Brandt (Laptop), Oliver Kiesow (Laptop), Stephane Leonard (Laptop), Shintaro Miyazaki (Laptop), Nicolas Weiser (Laptop)

Guest: Hagen Wiel (Video)
Deutschlandfunk's report on the concert at the Phönix Halle in Dortmund.
Author: Achim Hahn.