Cell Phone Film Contest

Contest and Workshop

A project by Judith Stumptner

Host organization: Bukowina Center

May 2009, Chernivitsi (Ukraine)

This was an experiment on the topic of film and new media: In a three-part project lasting several weeks, the focus was on "cell phone films" (films roughly one minute in length shot with a cell phone camera).

It began at the beginning of April with a call for entries in a Ukraine-wide competition. There were 30 films that met the necessary requirements. The competition comprised various events in Chernivtsi carried out in cooperation with the German filmmakers Jörg Fritzsche and Jan Heidebreck.

The kickoff began with a film night in the Deutsches Haus, where the two German guests presented their own works and around 20 cell phone films from Germany were screened. In addition to a discussion about the individual films (production, technical design, particularities) there were also insights into the Berlin film scene and the development of these new art forms in general.

After this prelude, the following day continued with the first of five workshop days on cell phone film production. Almost 40 participants registered, including students but also artists, as well as people working in film and television. The first day was focused on theory (the medium of film, film theory, tips on long shots, editing, and montage) while the second day involved coming up with ideas, developing a screenplay, and outlining a story board. The third day dealt with shooting film and days four and five with post-editing on the computer.

The workshop came to a close with another public film night with screenings of the results of the workshop as well as the films created prior to it. At the final awards ceremony, the four best films (jury awards and audience award) were announced.

With support from: f-film, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Goethe-Institut Ukraine

Results of the workshop and contest