A Wall is a Screen

Mobile Short Film Projection: The City in a New Light

A project by Jennifer Schevardo in Ústi nad Labem, Antje Sachs in Plovdiv, Timon Perabo in Prizren, and Katja Lasch in Cluj-Napoca

Host organizations: Collegium Bohemicum, Begegnungsstätte der Deutsch-Bulgarischen Gesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt, German Cultural Center Cluj-Napoca, and Qendra Multimedia

May 2007, Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic)
December 2007, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
May 2008, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
August 2008, Prizren (Kosovo)

For several years, the Hamburg group of artists "A Wall is a Screen" travelled through German cities with their mobile projection equipment, showing short films on white walls in public spaces. At the end of each film, they continued to the next wall, with the growing and fascinated audience following behind them. Anyone who followed them saw how supposedly familiar places come to life in a completely new way. With their travel to Ústi nad Labem, Plovdiv, Cluj-Napoca, and Prizren, the group broke new ground. Throughout the cities, they found not only numerous empty surfaces that were practically begging to be projected onto, but also large, curious, and enthusiastic audiences that stayed at the projection sites late into the night.