Światy zapomniane światy odkrywane - Cultural Landscapes that have Vanished?

Photo exhibition and international panel discussion

A project by Elisabeth Ritter

Host organization: Borussia Cultural Association

March/April 2006, Gallery of Contemporary Art BWA, Olsztyn (Poland)

The inspiration for a German-Polish version of the photo exhibition "Sudetenland Vanished," created by the Prague citizens' initiative Anticomplex, was the questioning how to handle "foreign" cultural heritage in Central European cultural landscapes that have been influenced by the Germans for a long time. The focus was less on divergent memories or national attributes than on the setting the current inhabitants of the cultural landscape have and what prospects for regional development there are. In collaboration with members of Anticomplex, a Polish version of the exhibition was created, which was shown at various locations in Poland as part of the German-Polish year 2005/2006.

In Olsztyn, this Czech exhibition was presented and discussed, along with photos of historic East Prussia that had first been shown publicly in Warmia and Masuria in the early 1990s, under the title "Atlantis of the North." The exhibition created an immediate geographic relationship between the remote Sudeten mountains and the viewers' own region, expanding perspectives on the issue of "forgotten and rediscovered worlds" in the European context.

Partners: Citizens' initiative Anticomplex, Gallery of Contemporary Art BWA Olsztyn, Edith-Stein-Haus Wrocław, Gerhart Hauptmann House Jagniątków